Digital Transformation with 

Chemical Sensing Eyes

UCAM-SENS is a research unit that conducts fundamental and applied investigations on Chemical Sensing to address current and future societal challenges.

Located at UCAM HiTech, The Sports & Innovation Hub of UCAM, the unit is set in a unique environment to materialise research ideas into concrete business cases and partner with the industrial sector for sustainable research and innovation projects. 

Meet our facilities at UCAM HiTech, Sport & Health Innovation Hub


Prof. Laura Lechuga visited UCAM-SENS 

Laura Lechuga, Researcher at Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in Barcelona was invited to give a scientific seminar, the second organized by UCAM-SENS about optic biosensors and their applications in point-of-care. 

The Head of UCAM-SENS has been chosen as one of the four best young research group leaders of Spain. 

Prof. Escarpa visited UCAM-SENS in UCAM HiTech

Alberto Escarpa, Professor of Analytical Chemistry from the University of Alcalá visited the UCAM-SENS facilities.

He gave a motivating speech about his research career and had scientific discussions with the members of the unit.

Core-shell nanoparticles to deliver charged species

Ion-selective core–shell nanoparticles were used for the delivery of cations. The mechanism was studied and the findings were published in Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed (IF:16.6).

This work may pave the way for new drug delivery nanoplatforms.

UCAM-SENS, "Sweating data to break records"

UCAM-SENS protagonize this article in Marca where they analyze the work led by Maria Cuartero and Gaston Crespo to develop a device that measures lactate levels in sweat in real time.

UCAM-SENS developed a sensor for CO2 monitoring

A new microneedle-based epidermal sensor allows for the real-time monitoring of CO2 by measuring pH and CO32– concentrations directly into the interstitial fluid (ISF) for the first time.

UCAM-SENS in the "28th Edition of the Science and Technology Week" in Murcia, organized by Seneca Foundation

The group showed its advances in chemical sensors to young students, bringing the lab experiments to the stand.

VII National Congress of Entrepreneurs Scientists with the participation of Maria Cuartero, Head of UCAM-SENS

Maria is an example of how scientists can transfer their knowledge and become an entrepreneur with the foundation of the Start-up IDRO BV. 

VII National Congress of Entrepreneurs Scientists with the participation of Maria Cuartero, Head of UCAM-SENS

The Unit of Chemical Sensing has collaborated in developing a biosensor for COVID-19 detection. 

Juan Carlos Izpisúa, Professor in Developmental Biology, meets UCAM-SENS in UCAM HiTech, together with the UCAM Vice-chancellor of Research

Prof. Izpisúa showed a great interest in the sensors that UCAM-SENS is currently working on. 

We are hiring!

We look for talented researchers from any part of the world.  We offer an exciting career plan inside/outside of academia at Master´s, PhD, postdoctoral and senior levels.  If you are interested in UCAM-SENS, please send your CV to Isabel Diaz.


UCAM-SENS is focused on the development of innovative sensing concepts to transform health, food and environmental domains. 

The UCAM-SENS  unit is led by Maria Cuartero and Gaston Crespo, who after building a scientific career abroad (Switzerland & Sweden), have set this unique research and educational environment at the UCAM.


Personalised education at Master's and PhD levels in chemical digitalization with sub-branches such as (bio)electrochemistry, analytical chemistry, nano-chemistry, imagining, and microfluidics.


The synergy of fundamental and applied investigations with remarkable significance, quality, and high impact, results in tangible outcomes that solve current and future societal challenges.


Materialise research ideas into concrete business cases, advance the technological readiness accompanied with alternatives to reach end-users aiming at improving the citizens’ lives, our environment, and our surroundings.


Use of our scientific knowledge to produce sustainable research, development, and innovation projects (R+D+I) in cooperation with the industrial sector toward a mutual benefit.




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