"Our mission is to integrate high-quality research outcomes with education, innovation and transfer of knowledge" 


The synergy of fundamental and applied investigations with remarkable significance, quality, and high impact, resulting in tangible outcomes that solve current and future societal challenges. 

At UCAM-SENS, we work in the best environment to do Science.  We count on a multi-disciplinary research group to conduct pioneering research projects with the best installations with the latest equipment in the field.   


Personalised education at master's and PhD levels in chemical digitalization with sub-branches such as (bio)electrochemistry, analytical methods, nano-chemistry, imagining, microfluidics, etc.

We care about Education and reaching students in their university stage is crucial to plant the seed of curiosity and scientific focus in the new generations. 


Materialise research ideas into concrete business cases, advance the technological readiness accompanied with alternatives to reach end-users aiming at improving the citizens’ lives, our environment, and our surroundings. Our last sensing approach to measuring Phosphates in water talks about our innovation in the sensing field. 

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UCAM-SENS and IDRO BV in LifeTECH Summit Event


Use of our scientific knowledge to produce sustainable research, development, and innovation projects (R+D+I) in cooperation with the industrial sector toward a mutual benefit.

We make transversal projects within the industrial sector. As an example, IDRO BV, an SME from Belgium, has recently incorporated a researcher, Dr  Ramiro Alonso,  to work in UCAM-SENS in the development of new concepts for sweat lactate sensors.